Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Good morning! I want to start off letting you know that I will be posting once a week, most likely on a Thursday evening. My goal is to share painting tips and techniques and just a little bit of life in general. I am an artist and part-time school bus driver for preschool kids (very interesting at times). I have a studio that I work out of in my home and have many interesting artist friends whom you will meet and see their work on occasion.

One of my plans is to retire in a couple of years and devote my time to being a full time artist again. Something I couldn't afford to do for many years. I would also like to open up my own gallery and provide space for local artisans to display their wares, kind of like a handmade shop and gallery combined.

Today I will be working on a new painting of a grain mill on an old farm not too farm from where we live. It is a small mill and you wouldn't even realize it is a mill without me mentioning it. I will take pictures as I progress so you can see my process.

Well got to run, school kids are waiting!

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