Friday, October 3, 2014

It is a blustery fall day, leaves blowing around and the sky is getting darker by the minute. We are expected to get some heavy duty thunderstorms this afternoon. I love thunderstorms something about them excites the soul.

Well lets dive in and talk about watercolor paints. Watercolor is an extraordinary medium and each brand of watercolor has its own uniqueness. I have three brands that are my favorites: Winsor-Newton, Schminke, and Holbein. There are colors within each of these brands that I like over the other. For example, Winsor-Newton Ivory Black performs better than Schmincke's, and Schmincke's Indian Yellow performs better than Winsor-Newton brand. I have more Winsor-Newton colors however, than the other two brands. I love to experiment with all of them. Experimenting reveals the characteristics of the paints, some mix well with each other and others don't mix well at all. By experimenting I know what colors work well together before using them on my painting. Getting familiar with your brand of paints is a good way to get to know how they'll perform.

I keep a small piece of 300 pound watercolor paper (about 5 inches square in size) on my table to actually test the color before applying it to my painting. If I don't like the look and feel of the color or mixture of colors, I try another until I'm satisfied.

Watercolor paper varies in performance also. It is best to purchase a good quality paper from the start, make sure it is 100% cotton, mold-made watercolor paper. I prefer 300-lb soft-pressed, most artist's use cold-pressed. I prefer to use soft press because I like how the watercolors work with the paper; it receives the watercolor well, much better than cold-pressed.

Its back to work. Happy Autumn!

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