Saturday, November 22, 2014

I finally have a moment to blog! I don't have distractions this morning. So lets dive in!

There is a controversy over pencil showing through watercolor paintings. I have two important things to say about that. First if you look at paintings done by the masters you don't see any pencil marks from the underling sketch. So that leads me to the conclusion that even the masters didn't want their sketch to show through their paintings. This also leads me to the conclusion that artists either got lazy, couldn't cover up their sketch lines, or just chose not to bother and liked it, and the world of art has actually approved it.

I once wrote an article about this subject and got numerous negative responses, which was fine. I just thought it odd that somewhere during the 50s after all those years the rules changed and pencil was allowed to show, that in fact, it is now considered an actual part of the art itself. My personal opinion about the matter is that if the masters could do a watercolor without their sketch lines showing through than so could I and I succeeded. To me it is not alright for your sketch lines to show, but to those artist who think its okay—its okay! Don't discredit those of us artists who do chose not to let our sketch lines show, that take the time to work them into the painting so you can't see them. It is not a fair jurying process to exclude artists who do an exceptional job working their sketch lines into their paintings. Both processes work for the individual artist, that is the freedom of art!

An update of my grainery painting. I have had to put this on hold for the time being due to my mother-in-law's failing of health. I will try to keep blogging at least once a week, forgive me if I don't always come through.

Have a blessed week!

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