Monday, November 3, 2014

My apologies for not posting on Thursdays as promised, we had a family emergency. My mother-in-law has been falling due to her age and she took a really bad fall which sent her to the ER and is now transferred from assisted living to a nursing home. So we have been dealing with cleaning out her apartment and helping her get adjusted to the nursing home which is never easy to do as she doesn't want to be there but has to. It is sad really, I hate seeing her there. It was just a few years ago that my own mother had to go to the nursing home and it wasn't easy then or now.

I will be posting an entry on Thursday with an update on the grainery painting I've been working on. I also want to talk about pencil and watercolor. I would also love to hear from anyone out there in blog land if these hits have been helpful.

Have a wonderful day!

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