Saturday, April 25, 2015

Good morning friends!

It is one chilly morning here in western Pennsylvania. The other morning we had a dusting of snow. Needless to say I was quite disappointed—its supposed to be spring!

I am planning a "Honey of a Party" for a few of my good friends. I came across these cool plates at a gift shop in Wexford, but they only had one package of four, not enough for what I needed. So I got on line and found the same plates on Amazon for about the same price and bought them. What is so cool about these plates is that they are are Melamine Picnic Paper looking with honeybees on them. I did purchase some napkins at the gift shop that I thought would go nicely for the party. I decided that I would paint the tags for the gifts and place cards for the table with honeycombs and honey bees. As soon as I finish I'll post the photos. My neighbor has honey bees which I will buy some of his honey to use as favors and will fill a small froggy tote from Thirty One with some sweet gifts for each of them. I haven't quite decided on those yet but thinking something natural and hand made like soaps and lotions from a local artisan.

The menu is also planned: there will be chicken salad with pecans, red grapes and apples on croisants, along with munchies. For dessert I will make a blackberry peach cake. Oh and Carmela iced tea. I'm excited and love to entertain, especially my friends. I want my friends to know how much I appreciate each of them. Friends are priceless and do much for us.

I'm starting a couple of new paintings, they're in the sketching stage. One will be a lighthouse to add to the series I've started and the other will be a surprise. I do have ideas for a third painting as well and it will be a bluebird if I can get a good photo. I have five bluebird boxes, each with a family in them. Just have to be able to get up close and personal for the shot.

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