Sunday, April 19, 2015

It was such a beautiful day here in western Pennsylvania. After an awesome sermon at church this morning we headed down to Trader Joe's then up to Whole Foods. I love Trader Joe's sprouted bread and orange chicken, along with some other goodies. We love buying our fruit at Whole Foods because it lasts days longer than fruit bought at Walmart or other grocery stores, so does their lettuces and other fresh veggies. I do buy most of my veggies during season from local farmers but during the late Fall through early spring its Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

After we had a late lunch we strapped our bikes on the back of the Honda and headed to Foxburg for our first bike ride of the season. It was just gorgeous and a slight wind was blowing along the water. It was a great ride with the exception of a sore butt from not riding since late October. It felt wonderful getting out in the fresh air and back on my bike.

Have a blessed week everyone!

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