Sunday, April 5, 2015

Oh my gosh I think Spring has finally arrived. My perennials are peeking up above the earth which means I need to get myself out in the flower beds and get things cleaned up a bit. My bluebirds arrived the last week in February and took up residence in the houses they left last fall. All but one house is occupied. I love watching them flutter about gathering bugs and coming to the meal worm feeders my hubby made for them. Its a real trip when they start bringing their young ones to the feeder. They sit on top of the feeder quivering with their mouths open waiting for momma and papa to bring them worms. We did have some wintering bluebirds that decided to stay this winter rather than head south so they are still here and nesting. The Red Breasted Gross Beaks and Oriels should be arriving pretty soon and then the hummers start to arrive. I have anywhere from 30 to 50 humming birds every year. Its like having my own star wars under my porch. I have 3 2-cup feeders and I have had to fill them everyday to accommodate all the hummers. I love it.

I look forward to mornings that are warm enough for me to once again have my coffee on the porch. Its nice and peaceful and I enjoy watching all the beautiful birds at the feeders. This is a treat that I originally picked up from my grandmother, she just loved feeding the birds and I loved watching her as a kid. I know why she loved it so much, I do too.

Have a Happy Easter my blogger friends, I will chat with you again soon and hopefully have some great pictures to add.


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