Sunday, May 3, 2015

It is tough out in the playing field of art, I am cold calling all the hand made artisan shops and small galleries within a 75 mile radius with no interest from the store owners. Everyone of them has turned me away saying "art just isn't selling." I'm getting very discouraged.

If I had to make my entire living based on the selling of my watercolors, I would definitely be a starving artist. I don't believe its my work, I have won ribbons and awards, I can't figure it out. I will keep plugging away. If anyone out there has some suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Went to a Spring Gardening workshop yesterday morning, it was just gorgeous weather, perfect for flower shopping. I bought two hanging baskets and two six packs of pansies which I got planted that afternoon. I need to get busy on cleaning up my flower beds and put some more mulch down.

The wintering birds have finally migrated back up here; the red breasted grosbeaks arrived on Thursday, along with the rufus towhees. Still haven't seen the hummingbirds yet. I usually have anywhere from 20 to 50 hummers every year, with the exception of last year. I had only about 18 or so. I have my feeders out for them in hopes they arrive soon.

Thanks! Have a blessed day everyone!

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