Saturday, October 3, 2015

Good morning blogger friends!

It is a very rainy cold day here in Karns City Pennsylvania, a typical early fall day. I can say I'm not prepared for the winter months ahead. I love the beauty of the snow but not a big fan of the deep cold that comes along with it. But like anything else to do with the weather, its out of my control. :)
I have been reading an awesome book titled "Flash" The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me About Life, Faith, and Second Chances, by Rachel Anne Ridge. This is one of the best books I've read in a long time; it is powerful. I would encourage you to read it, it will bless you immensely.

Just a couple of tidbits from the past few weeks; my husband opened our garage door to get the lawn mower out to mow before we left on vacation and there curled up was a very young rattle snake. It didn't have its rattler yet and was about 2 1/2 feet long. He didn't look that big until he uncoiled and snapped at us when we tried to sweep him out of the garage with the broom. Unfortunately he slithered off to the back of the garage and hid. We can't find him and he wasn't around when we got back from vacation. We do proceed with caution when opening up the garage. Trust me I don't want to get bit!

On our drive to South Carolina we stopped at some friends Mark & Anita in Myrtle Beach had lunch with them and played Hand & Foot (a card game). Of course us girls won! From there we went to Seabrook Island SC for our week vacation as well as for a wedding (renewing of vows) of our dear friends Rick and Val. It was a beautiful island not too far from Charleston. The house we stayed in was right on a golf course and about 5 minutes from the beach. We went swimming in the ocean, it was cold but sure felt good on my sore knees, visited Charleston, went for a carriage ride drawn by mules Porgy & Bess, shopped, and bought a few little items to take home, a sweet grass basket, and a hand woven wire basket. We had an all-around great time.

Oh its back to driving school bus, not sure if I'm ready or not for that. I like the kids, teacher and monitor but the long bus run is the pits. I am, however, looking forward to get back to my art studio and paint some of the photos I took on vacation. A few were of marshes and egrets, Spanish moss, and palm trees. I will have lots of work to keep me busy over the long winter months.

Well better get back to reality and housework, oh yes and lots of laundry. Have a blessed week all!

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