Sunday, November 6, 2016

Good morning friends!
It is a beautiful and crisp Sunday morning. The sun is shining. One thing I love about being semi retired is the freedom of time to work on my blog. Although decisions haven't been made whether or not to move I am still painting, still teaching and enjoying it all.

Here is a little tidbit of painting info for you. I try to keep my watercolors intricate and detailed but simple. For example, a single flower such as this Texas bluebonnet shown here that I completed in 2015 doesn't have a lot going on around it. Notice there are hints of bluebonnets lightly painted in the background and only the single detailed one in the front. This is where the eye is drawn. Simplicity does have force. Your painting doesn't have to be elaborate. Simplicity is both desirable and affordable.

I have a couple of intricate but simple paintings I'm working on that I will share with you in stages over the next couple of weeks. Until then have a bless week!

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