Thursday, December 20, 2018

This is such a cool shot, the
picture speaks its own beauty.
We've had some amazing mornings out on the lake kayaking. This particular morning it was really foggy with a thick mist. Got some good photos. I've never seen a morning like this it was so beautiful. They almost take on the look of old black and white photos. Errie. You can see the sun peaking through the clouds and reflecting on the ripples in the water at the front of my kayak. It was another surprise to catch the Dragon boat which appeared out of the mist just beyond Daryl in the last photo. 
I love how the sun is reflected here in
the ripples from my paddles. 
Daryl is kayaking there ahead of me and
beyond him is the Dragon boat.
We have had such a wonderful new year here in Tennessee, sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure this is really true. We miss our friends back home but have hopes they will all have an opportunity to visit us sometime in the near future.
Scavenger Hunt Spoons & Mittens!
One of us had to get our picture in a
port-a-potty. Lucky you Bill!
We join a Halloween scavenger hunt with friends of ours that was lots of fun as you can see in the pictures. It was an all-day hunt, then a costume dinner and dancing at the Yacht Club that evening. It was a great time.
Toward the end of October, we went on a long weekend trip to Myrtle Beach to meet up with some near and dear friends and had a great card marathon with them! Jon is there but missing from the picture, and me, of course taking the picture. It was great, although the guys did most of the winning this time around instead of us girls! That's ok, we hope we'll get another chance come Spring of 2019.
We're all Myrtle Beach Bums
And here we are in December. I've been slowed down for a little while to recoup from knee replacement surgery on my right leg on December 3rd. Doing pretty good despite the swelling, and pain. Lots our Euchre friends blessed us with some fantastic meals that kept us nourished over the past two weeks. Thanks to all of you! I finally felt pretty good yesterday and decided I really needed to get out of the house and go for a ride. Tonight, we're going out for pizza then over to visit some friends for a little while. We'll see how long I can tolerate sitting. It may not be too long but at least it will give me a break from home.